Welcome to Blingo

BLINGO ™ is a creative cell-phone messaging system that incorporates text messaging with multi-media. BLINGO text messaging is easy to use and includes internet shorthand terms called lingo. These terms such as B4N(Bye for Now) allow you to quickly create meaningful messages. The lingo list is completely customizable. You start with a common set of terms, then you can edit, and expand to create your own personalized lingo! Full translations for the terms are displayed on your phone and the full translated message is sent, so no guessing about what your lingo means.

Text messages are further enhanced by adding dynamic, animations called Quips. Quips are mini animated messages for all occasions; an enticing way to share your thoughts through sound and pictures. The animations change frequently so there is always a new Quip to send. Mix and match text and quips to create the perfect greeting. Quips provide the extra dimension of entertainment, which makes them fun to send and receive!

BLINGO! makes sending messages to your friends and family easy and entertaining. You get to show a little bling-bling in your BLINGO!

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